This domain ( is for sale!

- has been a top searched domain name for at least 15 years in relation 
  to Cuchara and La Veta
- The domain name has historically hosted one of the Cuchara Valley's most popular, well- 
   known blogs
- Quite possibly the most recognized name/phrasing/word combination in the Cuchara and  
   La Veta area
- This is a great marketing opportunity that won't come around again!

My history with the domain name

- When the previous owner of left the area and lost interest in the
  name, it went to auction.  I paid dearly to obtain ownership.
- Rather than forwarding the domain or letting it sit dormant, I used it as an  
  additional avenue to access my business website, while providing images from the
  LIVE Cuchara Main Street Cam and current weather.  The purpose was to keep
  people coming to the site and keep active interest in it- This means when you take
  ownership, you'll have potential customers that already frequent!

Why am I selling the name?

Simply put- I own too many domains to keep up with.
- I'm not desperate to sell, nor do I "need" to sell.
- This domain can be a great marketing tool for any business and I'd like to offer the
  opportunity to someone that could utilize it better than I can.

OK, OK, So How much?

- As I meantioned above, I paid a very high price to obtain this domain name
- $3,500 is the asking price.  I know it sounds high, but I don't "need" to sell and this is a
  once in a Cuchara/La Veta lifetime opportunity.
- I will consider reasonable offers

I'm interested, what do I do?

- Simply contact me via email at

- If/When we come to an agreement, we'll sign a contract (for your protection and mine). 
- I'll request a 50% deposit to initiate the domain transfer to your account.  Once the
  transfer is complete (typically takes anywhere from 3-10 days).  When the transfer is  
  complete, pay me the remaining balance.